About Dr. John Husnik's Team

“My staff and I are passionate about working with winemakers to address their quality control challenges and help improve the overall quality of their wines. We feel we’re making a significant contribution to advancing the art and science of wine-making worldwide, and this is a very exciting time for all of us at Renaissance. We look forward to hearing from winemakers about how we can help them produce higher-quality wines.”

John Husnik, PhD, is a leading researcher in the area of yeast development and classical breeding techniques in wine and other yeasts. Over the last few years, John and his team have worked tirelessly to advance the H2S-preventing wine yeast traits originally discovered by Dr. Linda Bisson at the University of California, Davis.

With extensive experience in microbiology and wine research, and two decades of scientific expertise, John lists among his team’s achievements the development of both H2S-preventing and low-sulfur-dioxide (SO2) traits into fully commercialized H2S-preventing wine yeasts. John obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in science from the University of Guelph in Canada, and holds a PhD from the University of British Columbia. He lives in Vancouver, Canada.